It’s human natural traits to keep do and do more anything they do not capable on. We build ourselves human as we desire to start practice as a tactical and most vivid way to level up things. Why need to practice? Don’t we have right to just leave it behind? Sometimes, practice is a piece part of life and subtly essential. Baby has grown get to walk because they started with practice. Oh, even I type this, that’s simply because I train myself the way to type. All the simplest aspects been started by practice.

Then, is it has to…

Such a fascinated talk I discovered lately about being minimalism. What is that? This question first landed on my mind.

It has started when I had my weekend with no idea and die to bored. I scrolled my Netflix account here and there to killing my time, with Romance movie (sorry not sorry, I’m a romance devotee :p). Yet back then, I was thrilled to give a nice try watching a Documentary Movie — which is not a cup of my tea. In short, I found this “Minimalism” documentary.

I surprisingly enjoy the movie, this told about people decluttering stuffs…

Have you ever planned something perfectly and won’t let any disruption comes?

Have you ever decided to start doing something big relentlessly?

Well, having directions and plans indeed drive us to achieve a higher place or triumph, which means pretty good. But, in a way to achieving, we need a system. We may forget one thing: it is okay to not being perfect in handling or managing all tasks or chores in life, learn to deal with doing small thing than nothing.

As you learn to start small and trivial, you will get an autopilot habit that leads you to…

What brings you to cease thinking of new fancy gadget or never-ending-new-collection Make Up?

What drives you to not give a shit about the other people with unreal life on Instagram?

What leads you living the life sincerely?

What makes you stay composed confront your not-so-perfect life?


Enough is the most simple way to meaning the whole stuff. Enough is the most sane way to continue the life. Enough is the answer universe needed.

2020 might be the most outstanding year, at least for me. A year that taught many souls a lot of things.

A year that people hated most, prolly.

A year that begets a mixed-feeling for everyone.

Everything seems vague, everything seems clogged.

Let’s take a deep breath and contemplate about this special year that will be end soon in months

What’s Bless?

  • Well on wellness

We all do aware of health never like before. Since the pandemic hits and be a menace, we unconsciously become a big fan on wellness, make it on top priority & taking care of it…

Every words, wherever those come from, have a huge meaning & can be so powerful beyond its function to connect with people.

Mmm actually, this’s only a random thought came across my mind all of sudden, which should be stored in my notes only — kinda unnecessarily private, but I think I wanna drop here too, though.

I currently am binge-watching a Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why. That is a dope ngl but kinda drove me tired as this conceives of 4 Seasons (way too much for me). …

There’s nothing more bleak than you do not have idea of what you’re doing, how long mileage you should take more, or what is actual life supposed to be. Well, people’s nature is for being perfect in a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. However, we nearly to zero possibility on it.

Everyone might ever found themselves got trapped in a feeling of useful and not adequate in everything. Me too, Sissy. That leads us into a chain-thinking, repeat all the sucks spinning on our head over and over again.

I got myself in a feeling of useless because I thought I am useless. Feeling not…

Firda Nurina

I cannot write so here I am

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