Practice Makes Perfect

It’s human natural traits to keep do and do more anything they do not capable on. We build ourselves human as we desire to start practice as a tactical and most vivid way to level up things. Why need to practice? Don’t we have right to just leave it behind? Sometimes, practice is a piece part of life and subtly essential. Baby has grown get to walk because they started with practice. Oh, even I type this, that’s simply because I train myself the way to type. All the simplest aspects been started by practice.

Then, is it has to be perfect?

Well, perfection is limitation. Means the more we hoping for the perfect result, the more we acknowledging the imperfection. So I could say, embrace all the perfect progress, not the result. (Trust me, I am living proof that being perfectionist is not healthy at all. Just don’t. HEHE). Making perfect progress and time tracking will ensure you strict heading to your goals.

So, what kind of practice that I’m talking about?

Anything, i repeat. Anything. Life is more fulfilling when we are growing and improving, and practice is broad way to lead us there.


I cannot write so here I am